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CSV Clean Service

Service | License: MIT License

The CSV Clean Service is a tool to automatically clean-up CSV data sources. It is able to parse and automatically detect the encoding of the input CSV and to determine several types of delimiter derivations, such as tab- or semicolon-separated-value files.

The cleaned file is UTF-8 encoded and an RFC 4180 compliant CSV document. RFC 4180 requires the following properties:

CSV MetaData Editor

Service | License: GNU General Public License v3.0

The CSV MetaData Editor is an user interface that allows the assisted generation of metadata for a CSV. The JSON output is compliant to the W3C standard for CSV on the Web (CSVW). The metadata can describe CSV specifics such as the delimiter, the encoding and the quotation character. It also describes the columns and their headers and datatypes.

CSV Profiler

Service | License: GNU General Public License v3.0

The CSV Profiler analyses the input CSV and provides basic informations and metrics:


Tool | License: Apache License 2.0

Lots of the data to be published as Linked Data are in the form of tabular data. Nevertheless, in order to semantically interpret such tabular data and publish them as quality Linked Data, non-trivial effort is needed in terms of linkage of the data to existing Linked Data resources and and in terms of selecting proper target vocabularies.


Tool | License: Duo licensing (GPL v3 + commercial)

UnifiedViews is an open source Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) framework that allows users – publishers, consumers, or analysts – to define, execute, monitor, debug, schedule, and share RDF data processing tasks. The data processing tasks may use custom plugins created by users. UnifiedViews differs from other ETL frameworks by natively supporting RDF data and ontologies. UnifiedViews has a graphical user interface for the administration, debugging, and monitoring of the ETL process.