The Semantic Web Company GmbH (SWC) is a technology and software provider located in Vienna, Austria. SWC offers consulting and professional services as well as software solutions for semantic information- and data management. Core of SWCs activities is A) the self-developed software product PoolParty Semantic Suite (see: that is used by a continuously growing number of customers in Europe, US & Canada and Australia, B) consulting and professional services (implementation services) around the topics of semantic web, semantic technologies and linked (open) data (LOD) & Open Data and C) the design, specification and realisation of web-based information-, knowledge and data portals and tools. SWC is serving customers in the fields of A) industry and economy (pharmacy, finance & insurance industry, education, consulting and automotive industry), as well as B) governmental organisation / public administration (national and international) and C) NGOs and NPOs (international). SWC is the lead partner of the ADEQUATe project.

Danube University Krems, Department for E- Governance and Administration is a leading multidisciplinary Austrian competence centre for education and research in law, organisational theory and ICT. Research and studies investigate emerging trends and phenomena at the intersection of humans and technology. Our premier partners are public administrations in their quest for more effective and accountable policy making harnessing the intellectual capabilities of their citizens. We analyse the mechanisms of deliberate participation, identify promising patterns and refine them for public sector reuse. Tangible results create immediate value and relevance.
Our continuing competence has been honoured by various grants received by the federal public administration of Lower Austria, the Austrian state and the European Community. Our partners include, among others, the Austrian Chancellery (BKA), the Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ), the Ministry of Finance and the City of Vienna.

The Institute for Information Business at  Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) focuses its research efforts on business process management, knowledge management, and intelligent & scalable data management and the Semantic Web, where we focus both on technological foundations as well as on the economic value of Semantic technologies, Linked Data and Open Data in general. The institute is highly activate in various international collaborations with world-class partners in their fields. In the area of Open Data, besides maintaining WU’s Open Data portal, the WU team is also hosting the Open Data Portal Watch project, a monitoring and quality assessment framework for around 260 Open Data portals and the CSV Engine, a set of services to handle and process CSV files.