16Jun '17

UnifiedViews Pipeline for annotating metadata and data using PoolParty Extractor and GraphSearch

Posted by adequate_admin

We announce the UnifiedViews pipeline for ingesting PortalMonitor data and metadata to PoolParty GraphSearch. In the process, both data and metadata are annotated by the Adequate PoolParty thesauri concepts via the means of PoolParty Extractor, hence making it possible to search for datasets based on the thesauri concepts. As result, GraphSearch can be used as a service for different purposes: full-text search, filtering based on various facets and keyword-based search.

28Feb '17

ADEQUATe Open Data Storage

Posted by hoechtlj

The ADEQUATe-project spent considerable time to analyse storage strategies to retrieve and analyse open data. Storage requirements arouse in these areas:

19Jan '17

Data Pioneers Create Camp am 2.2. 2017 an der ZAMG in Wien - supported by ADEQUATe

Posted by martin

Das ADEQUATe Projekt unterstützt das Programm Data Pioneers, welches in einem ersten Durchlauf derzeit seitens Open Data Portal (ODP) und dem Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (bmvit) gemeinsam durchgeführt wird, und zum Ziel hat, Open Innovation in österreichischen Unternehmen mittels Open Data zu ermöglichen bzw. dazu zu experimentieren!

02Jan '17

2016 Highlights: Odalic at Semantics 2016 conference

Posted by knappt

When looking back into 2016 events related with the efforts of ADEQUATe project, I have to write couple of words about (Semi)automatic conversion of tabular data to Linked Data workshop at Semantics 2016 conference held in Leipzig in September 2016.

15Nov '16

Faceted Search over Austrian Open Data

Posted by neumaiers

We are pleased to announce Data Finder, a search engine which allows faceted search over the metadata published on Austrian Open Data portals.

09Jun '16

ADEQUATe at ADV E-Government Conference 2016

Posted by hoechtlj

This years ADV E-Government Conference took place in rainy Innsbruck - but ADEQUATe was going strong! We presented the results of our requirements elicitation and what metrics we plan to introduce in order to improve DQ on open data portals. The data crowd is interested in consistent representation of data resources. To often, new data sets get released, changing the structure of eg CSV data columns. The availability of the actual resources is of an issue to.

08Jun '16

ADEQUATe Workshop: Quality Assessment and IMprovements in Open Data (Portals) at in Lausanne on 14 June 2016

Posted by martin

We are happy to announce that the ADEQUATe team organises a workshop at the conference (which is the annual open data conference Switzerland) that will take place this year on 14 June 2016 in Lausanne.

08Jun '16

Best Paper Award for our Linked Data Quality Workshop Paper!

Posted by knappt

As part of ADEQUATe project  we are working on the framework for assessing and monitoring and improving quality of open data at two open data portal - and

19May '16

Reflexion paper presented at CeDEM 2016 Conference: ADEQUATe - Analytics and Data Enrichment to Improve the Quality of Open Data

Posted by lampoltshammert

This reflexion paper about the overall mission of ADEQUATe was presented in a reflexion session at the CeDEM16 - International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government, May 18-20, 2016, at the Danube University Krems, Krems, Austria.

05May '16

Paper evaluating current approaches for (semi)automatic leveraging of tabular data to Linked Data got accepted to ESWC 2016 Linked Data Quality Workshop !

Posted by knappt

As part of ADEQUATe project, we plan to (semi)automatically leverage tabular data to Linked Data. We will present the results of the evaluation of the current approaches in that area at Linked Data Quality workshop at ESWC 2016 conference, May 30.   .

Tomas Knap (Semantic Web Company): Increasing Quality of Austrian Open Data by Linking them to Linked Data Sources: Lessons Learned, Linked Data Quality Workshop, ESWC 2016