08Jun '16

ADEQUATe Workshop: Quality Assessment and IMprovements in Open Data (Portals) at opendata.ch in Lausanne on 14 June 2016

Posted by martin


We are happy to announce that the ADEQUATe team organises a workshop at the opendata.ch conference (which is the annual open data conference Switzerland) that will take place this year on 14 June 2016 in Lausanne.

The workshop will be facilitated by: 

Johann Höchtl, Danube University Krems, short CV: https://at.linkedin.com/in/johannhoechtl - 

Martin Kaltenböck, Managing Partner & CFO Semantic Web Company, short CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinkaltenboeck

Jürgen Umbrich, University of Economics Vienna, short CV:https://www.wu.ac.at/en/infobiz/team/umbrich/ with the following dates & facts and the following agenda:

WHAT: Workshop on Quality Assessment and Improvements on Open Data (Portals)

WHEN: opendata.ch conference, 14.6.2016, ~12.45 - 14:00pm Cest

WHERE: opendata.ch, Lausanne, Casino de Montbenon, Allée Ernest-Ansermet 3

DURATION: 1 hour - 1h 15’ (max) Remark: this workshop is accomplished in English language.


Time Session Remarks
20’ incl q&a Welcome & Introduction
  • WS Objectives
  • Agenda & WS Team
  • Participants
  • The ADEQUATe project (basics, objectives, status & outlook)
Martin Kaltenböck (SWC) Depending on nr of partcipants we will make round of introduction or just small ‘audience clustering’
20’ incl q&a Results of Requirements Elicitation and DQ Metrics.
  • What are the most “important” ones?
Johann Höchtl (DUK)
20’ incl q&a Best Practise & the ADEQUATe OD Framework
  • Data & CSV on the web working group recommendations (W3C)
  • AD Framework: architecture & components
Jürgen Umbrich (WU)
15’ open discussion Interactive & open discussion on DQ issues:
  • Requirements for DQ in Open Data
  • What is in place or planned for DQ
Depending of WS duration & timing Moderated by the WS Team


Results as well as all material and slides will be published on the project website: https://www.adequate.at ~1 week after the workshop.