09Jun '16

ADEQUATe at ADV E-Government Conference 2016

Posted by hoechtlj

This years ADV E-Government Conference took place in rainy Innsbruck - but ADEQUATe was going strong! We presented the results of our requirements elicitation and what metrics we plan to introduce in order to improve DQ on open data portals. The data crowd is interested in consistent representation of data resources. To often, new data sets get released, changing the structure of eg CSV data columns. The availability of the actual resources is of an issue to. Certain ICT systems of the administration seem to be not as available as one would hope.

During our presentation we presented the various quality levers which are

  • to address DQ already at the providing side;
  • automated improvements by algorithms, and
  • community involvement. Especially the ability to fork data sets, improve them and provide the results back to the administration, were of interest.

During the discussion, data providers showed their interest in preliminary results. We will react on that feedback an broaden the involvement of the use case partners data.gv.at and opendataportal.at.

The vast amount of what ADEQUATe will be doing is going to be published as open source on Github and results will become available as we go.

See our presentation and get in touch! [slideshare id=63087958&doc=datenqualittaufoffenendatenportalen-160615095402]