02Jan '17

2016 Highlights: Odalic at Semantics 2016 conference

Posted by knappt

When looking back into 2016 events related with the efforts of ADEQUATe project, I have to write couple of words about (Semi)automatic conversion of tabular data to Linked Data workshop at Semantics 2016 conference held in Leipzig in September 2016.

Lots of the data waiting to be published as Linked Data are in the form of tabular data. Nevertheless, in order to publish them as quality Linked Data, non-trivial effort is needed in terms of linkage of the data to existing Linked Data and in terms of selecting proper target vocabularies.

The main goal of the workshop was to 1) present the current issues with publishing tabular data as quality Linked Data and 2) present Odalic, an algorithm and  tool developed as part of ADEQUATe, which should help data publishers to simplify linkage and publication of tabular data as Linked Data.

There was quite a decent audience (30+ people, approximately half of them from companies, others from universities) who were really interested in that topic and are really looking forward into the results of ADEQUATe project in that direction.