26Apr '16

Open Data Portal Watch - the quality watchdog for over 260 open data portals

Posted by adequate_admin

In the course of the ADEQUATe project the Open Portal Watch System - THE watchdog for quality monitoring of open data portals - will be expanded and improved by several data quality assessment and improvement mechanisms. After a comprehensive gathering activity of data quality user requirements and -metrics in the first half year of the project, the ADEQUATe consortium is evaluating the results of such work and will soon publish the deliverabes.


  1. The ADEQUATe State of the Art Report
  2. The ADEQUATE User Requirements document, and
  3. The ADEQUATe data quality metrics specification document.

Furthermore work has been done on the architecture of the ADEQUATe (Open) Data Quality Monitoring & Improvement Framework  and it has been decided that the work will integrate & interconnect as well as expand and improve the Open Data Portal Watch System ...

The Open Portal Watch System is THE watchdog for quality monitoring of open data portals and monitors over 260 open data portals worldwide at the moment where 148 of the monitored catalogues are driven by CKAN, 102 are driven by Socrata and 11 by OpenDataSoft.

ADEQUATe works in co-operation with the 2 main open data portals in Austria (as use case partners) - you can take a look at monitoring insights already available as follows:

  • National Open Data Portal of Austria data.gv.at: http://data.wu.ac.at/portalwatch/portal/data_gv_at/info/1617
  • Open Data Portal Austria (ODP): http://data.wu.ac.at/portalwatch/portal/www_opendataportal_at/info/1617

Stay tuned for more infos to come on behalf of the ADEQUATe project on the topic of open data quality assessment and improvement here in the blog as well as on our twitter account.